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Title: Web service engine - web service remote procedure call (WSRPC)
Authors: Lau, Chung Ki
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2003
Supervisor: Mr. M.T. Chan. First Reader: Dr. W.Y. Liu. Second Reader: Mr. C.H. Lee
Abstract: This project aims to design a protocol, named Web Service Remote Procedure Call (WSRPC) to solve the existing problems of different Remote Procedure Call protocols. These problems include low scalability, low compatibility with other protocols and complexity of the messages format. WSRPC will be a scalable, compatible and simple protocol with cross platform, cross language and cross protocol support. Location transparency and access transparency is provided as well. Four existing protocols for doing Remote Procedure Call are studied. Common features for these protocols are taken out and formed as the basic features for WSRPC. Based on the basic features, some additional features are added to WSRPC. Specification is defined for WSRPC and it is implemented in different programming languages based on the specification. Utility programs are implemented too such that the development cycle for service provider and service consumer can reduce. Demonstration for using WSRPC is done to show the functionality of WSRPC and the correctness of the implementation. Comparisons are made for WSRPC with different existing protocols. From the comparison, limitation and further enhancement are outlined for WSRPC.
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