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Title: Assess the contradiction and cooperation in Sino-Russian relations under the Putin administration
Authors: Wang, Yuk Lam
Department: Department of Public and Social Administration
Issue Date: 2008
Course: SA4600
Abstract: This thesis aims at analyzing the contradiction and cooperation of the Sino-Russian relations under the Putin administration. By reviewing Boris Yeltsin's foreign policy and the overall foreign framework of Vladimir Putin who shows the continuity of Yeltsin's legacy, that is, developing the tie with China is significant to Russia. Some of the international theories will be implied in order to analyze the challenges the two countries faced and the common interests they shared. Balance of power and multipolarity will be used in political aspects as well as regional and international issues. China Threat theory is to explain the contradictions in economic challenges, military suspicions and territorial disputes. And the factors contributing to the cooperation could be elaborated in intergovermentalism and the complex interdependence theory in economic plus energy cooperation, military plus security cooperation, territorial aspects and other aspects. The bilateral relationship between China and Russia would be critically assessed. Although there are the contradictions to the two states, the bilateral relationship between them is a partner rather than an adversary as well as cooperation more than competition.
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