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Title: Secure mobile payment system with QR code
Authors: Lee, Chung Wai
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2008
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Chow, Kai On ; First Reader: Dr. Wong, Duncan Shek; Second Reader: Dr. Kwong, Sam Tak Wu
Abstract: Mobile device is becoming an essential part in daily life. There are a large number of mobile commerce applications providing varied service for users. It is most likely that mobile commerce usually involves payment and consequently, payment act as an important component in mobile commerce. Since payment settling in mobile devices requires wireless network and it often uses a public transmission medium for communication channel, it is necessary to concern the security issues during transmission. This project aims to propose a secure and convenient mobile payment method that incorporates QR Code, mobile application, windows application and web application into a system. To fulfill the requirements of the system, mobile, secure and QR Code are the three main components in the system. Mobile device provides convenient while secure and QR Code provides security to the system. In this project, a system is built to employ QR Code to enhance the security in mobile payment system. This system facilitates security with QR Code through its characteristics. Moreover, encryption is another main approach to improve the security of the system. Both symmetric and asymmetric encryptions are used in the system to ensure data confidentiality and integrity. Compare with other mobile payment system, this system has no risk of shoulder-surfed since QR Code is employed.
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