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Title: Questions and answers token management system
Authors: Ho, Kai Chung
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2009
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Liu, Wenyin; First Reader: Dr. Wong, Helena Tsui Fong; Second Reader: Prof. Deng, Xiaotie
Abstract: Nowadays, we are living in a society filling up with questions and answers. One obvious example is at school. With the advance of the Information technology, people can ask various kinds of questions and search for the answers through the Internet. The system where such kind of knowledge exchange occurs is called Online Question Answering System. One of the most famous Online Question Answering Systems is Google Answers. It would be attractive if someone get rewarded after they have provided some qualified answers. It is because such kind of reward system are able to encourage people to provide answers with good quality. That is what the Question Answering (Q&A) model ( works. In this project, a Token Management System (TMS) is developed which is exclusively used for the Question Answering (Q&A) model. The TMS platform is separated into two sub-systems: the TMS system for company users and the administrative TMS system for the system administrator. The TMS system mainly features the following: a membership scheme for company users to purchase electronic coupon(s); a user-friendly user interface (UI) for viewing all of the transactions and the current status of the coupon(s); a systematic framework for token holders to refund the coupon(s). The administrative TMS system mainly features the following: a user-friendly user interface (UI) for viewing and editing transactions made by the company users as well as the current status of the coupon(s); a systematic framework for printing hard copy coupons; a crystal clear section to show various statistics related to the TMS system.
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