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Title: Music school management system
Authors: Shing, Ka Yan
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2008
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Law, Ken Chee Keung; First Reader: Dr. Xing, Guoliang; Second Reader: Prof. Deng, Xiaotie
Abstract: Nowadays, more parents are willing to pay school children for learning music as an extra curricular activity through privately-run music school. Managing school efficiently and effectively are important factors that many schools would like to achieve in order to increase student enrollments. However, most music schools still maintain the daily operation manually, in which inefficiency and data inaccuracy may occur due to human error. The interactions between students, tutors and management office are restricted within the school. Hence, a web-based music school management system is proposed and developed to provide a more convenient and efficient management solution to different users. With the help of the flexible scheduling management, the conflicts of the room assignment can be reduced and the individual schedule can be changed efficiently. Simple and convenient workflows are given to reduce the confusion and time for course registration, leave management and so forth. One of the special functions, substitution management is provided for management to choose suitable tutor to substitute tutor on leave. The tutors are allowed to apply substitution of leaved classes such that the time for searching substituted tutor by telephone method can be greatly reduced. This system can also help tutors and students keep track of their own schedule, leave application result, salary or payment record. The interaction between students, tutors and even parents can be enhanced by Student Progress Monitoring tool. School and tutor information can be accessed easily by tutors, students and even the would-be students. The system not only assists school management, but also provides tutors and students useful functions and interactions.
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