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Title: Access online questions and answers system on a pocket PC
Authors: Mak, Chun Wai
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2008
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Liu, Wenyin; First Reader: Dr. Jia, Wei Jia; Second Reader: Prof. Li, Qing
Abstract: Question & Answer (Q&A) systems have been proven useful to facilitate the knowledge searches through the Internet as search engines only loosely organize the knowledge. Though now knowledge retrieval can be facilitated by such systems, there remains the issue of access to the Internet when the user is away from a computer, a problem that can now be tackled due to the development of public wireless networks by the government. Despite this fact, people find it difficult to surf Q&A systems in a small screen of mobile devices. Meanwhile, the existing instant messengers for Q&A systems are not compatible with mobile device platforms. It reveals that Q&A systems lack support for mobile access very much. In order to remedy such situation, I managed to design a piece of mobile instant messenger software running on Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms for CuteAid. CuteAid is one of the Q&A systems proposed by Dr. Liu W. Y. The new mobile instant messenger extends all the functionalities of its existing desktop counterpart and connects the console system for instant messaging. That how take advantage of the mobile networking environment is also examined. It includes providing better user experience and interface in mobile devices, and interacting with CuteAid in a disconnected environment. Also, some new features for instant messenger support over CuteAid are built. The result shows that the mobile instant messenger greatly improves the usability of Q&A systems in smart devices. Users now can interact with the mobile instant messenger as if its desktop counterpart. Once the mobile messenger connects to the console system, it can notify the users any new changes right on their way of travel. It also enables users on asking questions via SMS messages and phone calls if the mobile messenger cannot be connected to the console system via wireless networks.
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