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Title: Restarant searching application on iPhone
Authors: Lai, Chi Man
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2009
Supervisor: Supervisor: Mr. Lai, Donny Chi Fai ; First Reader: Dr.Clubb, Orville Leverne; Second Reader: Prof. Li, Qing
Abstract: The technical advancement in telecommunication enhanced the development of wireless computing. GPS, A-GPS and altogether with 3G telecommunication can data circulation more fast. Besides, the mobile devices are more powerful and popular nowadays. Under these two favorable factors, the demand for location based information services, which depends on mobile network and devices, be more demanding. Positioning services, navigation services, and location services checking are common location based services. The project is going to build a location based service on iPhone to implement positioning and navigation of restaurant in order to guide people to finding out the destination. The service is able to retrieve data from database server to facilitate searching particular restaurant. By using the geographical information of the restaurant and the default Google Map inside iPhone, an informative map which indicating the position of the restaurant can be displayed. Then, the service determinates the current location by using the embedded GPS/A-GPS/GSM network inside iPhone to find out the navigation path towards the restaurant with a path finding algorithms. The searching of restaurant, positioning and navigation services is illustrating a location base services which is demanding in the recent and future years.
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