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Title: A network enrollment system using mifare card & fingerprint reader
Authors: Chan, William Ying Wai
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2009
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Cheng, L L
Abstract: A network enrollment system will be constructed using mifare card & fingerprint reader under campus environment. The general password-entered login system cannot totally preclude unauthorized person to get into the system. Therefore, fingerprint reader can be used to reveal the personal identity of the user. Another advantage of fingerprint system is it is dispensability to enter password and convenient to user. Mifare card (e.g. Student ID Card) and fingerprint readers can be combined to do two-factor authentication for enrollment (e.g. account registration & attendance taking). A web-based learning system will be treated as the background and the network enrollment system will connect to the web-based system for further application. This system is based on course information database and personalized data profiles. Personalized data should be obtained using fingerprint enrollment. Student ID cards are offered to those students who were registered. Course information database can be modified in real time. After adding the students into the related course list, the attendance function can be implemented by using fingerprint or smart card readers. Attendance can be obtained and sent to central server computer. The course attendance record can be shown afterward. To increase the flexibility of hardware implementation, fingerprint module interface is constructed in wire wrapping configuration. RS-232 is used for data receive and transmit. Although API is well developed, the communication protocol is formatted. The functions such as searching speed are improved. The application of mifare card reader is also be used in this project. Server-client network interface is created for data transfer of fingerprint and smart card reader. Apart from the attendance function in campus environment, this network enrollment system can benefit in other areas. For instance, construction site and hospital prescription centre could make use of this system and will discuss briefly in this report.
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