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Title: Universal ballast design for ts fluorescent lamps
Authors: Liu, William Wai Lim
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2009
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Hui, Ron S Y., Assessor: Prof. Chung, Henry S H
Abstract: In the market, since the relationship between the power rating of most of the electronic ballasts and T5 fluorescent lamps is one-to-one. It means that a particular output power of the electronic ballast should be chosen for T5 fluorescent lamp with such a power rating as the figure shown below:. If a low power lamps is driven, says 14W, by high power electronic ballast, says 35W, the lamp will be over-bright and the lifetime would be decreased. Therefore, in this project, new universal electronic ballast for T5 fluorescent lamps is introduced. The ballast is able to operate all kind of T5 fluorescent lamps with its own particular power rating. It means that the universal electronic ballast can drive the entire of T5 lamps within the power range of 14W to 80W.
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