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Title: Convolutional code
Authors: Xu, Yuanjie
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2009
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Li, Ping., Assessor: Dr. Sung, Albert C W
Abstract: In this Final Year Project, I studied the Convolution Code, then implemented a C++ simulation programme of convolutional code transmission and reception system under AWGN channel using BCJR algorithm. After that, the system performances of the Convolutional System under different Eb/N0 were evaluated and compared with the result obtained by using Viterbi decoding algorithm. Finally, the BCJR convolutional algorithm was implemented in the IDMA system and its performance was compared the with the IDMA system without convolutional coding method. My major contribution in this project is that I developed a universal BCJR system under AWGN channel. In my program, the configuration of BCJR system is changeable, i.e. the memory length, connection between each memory and the code rate are all adjustable. So performances of different BCJR configurations can be examined and compared. Furthermore, my programme can be implemented in other system, as I implemented my programme in IDMA system, in order to enhance the system performance.
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