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Title: A remote sensing system using network technology
Authors: Pang, Kin Tat Ivan
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2009
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Cheng, LM., Assessor: Dr. Leung, Andrew
Abstract: Remote sensing system is used for acquiring information of objects by using a real-time sensing device that the system can be applied to the security technology for access control. There are many kinds of remote sensing systems that smart card and fingerprint detections are mainly concerned in this project. Smart cards are widely used in our life in recent years. Since the smart card is in small physically size with large memory capacity, it is always used to apply in recognition of identity by storing personal information. However, the security of the smart card is a big problem, which can be caused by stolen, lost or forgotten. To be “more secure”, combination of fingerprint and smart card is done. According to Joann Christoph Andreas Mayer, a German anatomist, fingerprint is unique for each individual. By applying biometric technology, the security of the smart card was enhanced. In this project, security would be concerned and remote control through by TCP Protocol for record transmission used. The system was consisted of Processor (Rabbit 2100), fingerprint module (SM-621), RFID reader (Mifare MFRC500) and so on. The fingerprint template would be pre-stored in Smart Card using by RFID Reader and Fingerprint. The verification is that using template which is downloaded in smart card and current finger template which was generated by fingerprint module to do comparison. The Transaction Record would store in internal memory. The record would not be lost whether network establish of not Keywords: Smart card, fingerprint, security, reliability.
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