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Title: Cyber world of Ngong Ping 360 - 3
Authors: Leung, Cheuk Yung
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2009
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Tsang, Peter W M., Assessor: Dr. Wu, Angus K M
Abstract: The original project title is Development of Three Dimensional Cyber world on the Internet. According to the history Final Year Project Proposal, the past few years’ students had developed very impressive 3D Cyber world for the Ocean Park (HK), Hong Kong International Airport, Disneyland, and Dream world (Gold Coast, Australia). The project was proposed to build up a 3D cyber world for selected part(s) of an identified area (such as Ocean World) which may include landmark buildings, tunnels, bridges, roads, and mountains. Student taking this project worked together with other partners and they were collaborated to build up the world cyber world. For this year, our group decided to build a 3D cyber world for the Main Entrance from Tung Chung, the Cable Car Station, the Ngong Ping Village and the Tian Tan Buddha of Ngong Ping 360 with landmark buildings, tunnels, bridges, roads, and mountains included. I worked on the Big Buddha and we will finally collaborate to build up the whole Ngong Ping 360 cyber-world together. The whole project development can be divided in two parts, the cyber world creation and advanced features. The former involves techniques in using 3D authoring tools to simulate real-world objects, while the latter requires knowledge in VRML programming with the support of JavaScript.
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