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Title: eBook distribution system
Authors: Ng, Kwok Wa
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2003
Supervisor: Chan, Keith. First Reader: Wong, Helena. Second Reader: Mong, Florence
Abstract: Nowadays, portable device such as Personal Data Assistance (PDA) and mobile phone become more and more popular. Thanks to the breakthrough in technology, these portable devices become more and more powerful. They may have extra processing power which makes them can do more tasks. This report, described a development process of a eBook distribution system. The system is try to use these extra processing power, as well as wireless network, to distribute eBook to these portable devices. This system is expected having values in supporting eBook renting business, and can be used in secondary to replace tradition textbooks. It enables book reader having more fun in reading anywhere, without bringing heavy, thick traditional book. This report will described many aspects and issues during the system development. I will tell what technologies will be used to support the system, what is the system architecture, what issues and difficulties we have encountered and how can I solved them. Due to limited time, limited resource and limited techniques, I cannot say this is a very good project work. However, it taught me a lot in both technical and non-technical side, especially the importance of good time and project management.
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