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Title: Deformation of 3D human model with animation
Authors: Li, Benny Wai Yip
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2003
Supervisor: Dr. Chan K L. Assessor: Dr. Feng J
Abstract: Nowadays, the modeling of 3D human is one of the most challenging problems in computer graphics. However, a realistic deformable 3D human body [1] is rarely seeing in the virtual reality field. It is because we can easily model static 3D objects but it is difficult to create a realistic deformable 3D human model. Simple polyhedral models, curved surfaces, and even finite element models are used to represent human frequently in video games, movies and TV commercials. Although researchers have devoted significant efforts to represent and deform human body shape, the problem of realistic animation of human body has not yet been satisfactorily solved. Two major challenges are: the modeling of realistic body models; the automatic and realistic deformation of body skin envelope when the human figure is under movement. Due to the high desire of users, the quality of graphical devices becomes more and more high. The Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) modeling technique is outdated, and mesh modeling technique with deformable feature meets exactly these demands. Therefore, using mesh for the realistic human modeling dominates the market. Also, many different modeling languages can be used for 3D implementation, but for simplicity OpenGL Modeling Language in Visual C++ are used in this project. Deformable human modeling and animation are carried out on each constituent part, including head and neck, arms and hands, chest and abdomen, legs and feet. Several animations such as walking, high jump, long jump and physical exercise are designed. A GL menu control panel is provided for the users to choose their desired animations and keyboard can control each separated body parts interactively.
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