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Title: Implementation of web-based mobile routing simulator for multicast meessages
Authors: Ng, Chin Kan
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2003
Supervisor: Dr. Jia Weijia. Assessor: Dr. Sung Albert C W
Abstract: In this project, a modified web-based simulation system (WSS) is described and presented. This design is for providing a platform independent, user-friendly and interactive user interface to ease the tasks of performing various simulations related to network routing. It is also an extensible simulator for both the users and the simulation programmers. To increase the functionality and efficiency of a simulation, some Mobile IP enhancement is added to an existing web-based routing simulation system. Firstly, assign a coverage area boundary check to improve handoff to each router. Packets can be sent from a router to another directly only if it is located within the coverage area of that router. The system can search for the shortest path to send the packet based on this principle. Secondly, introduce a mobile node which can change its point of attachment from one network to another. The packets destined to a mobile node are routed to its home network and then forward to the foreign agent. The simulator is tested to provide accurate results for any number of nodes and any complexity of the network and is valid for all the cases in where Dijkstra’s Algorithm can be implemented.
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