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Title: Psychosocial factors and depression: The mediating role of sleep
Authors: Sing, Cheuk Yan (成卓茵)
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Issue Date: 2009
Course: SS4708 Research Project in Psychology
Programme: BSocSc (Hons) in Psychology
Instructor: Dr. Wing. S. Wong
Subjects: Sleep
Depression, Mental
Abstract: Objectives. The purpose of the present study was to determine, if any, the mediating role of sleep in the relationship between psychosocial factors and depression. Methods. A sample of 529 Chinese college students participants were recruited from 4 Universities in Hong Kong, they completed a self-report questionnaire measuring their level of optimism, social support, stress, sleep problems and depression. Results. The mediating effect of sleep was first tested with the three psychosocial factors (Optimism, Social Support and Stress) were first test independently. Then, to test the three psychosocial factors simultaneously with sleep and depression, multiple regressions and Sobel tests were computed. Results showed optimism, social support and stress all predicted sleep problems and depression independently. But, when these variables were combined, only the interaction between optimism and social support significantly predicted depression and was mediated by sleep. Conclusions. Results of the present study illustrated that sleep was a significant mediator between psychosocial factors and depression. Some of these variables might interact to produce an effect on mental health of an individual. What’s more, this study, consistent with previous findings, illustrated that optimism, social support, stress all affect sleep quality and mental health of college students. This study does shed light to sleep problem intervention and schools intended to promote sleep hygiene among college students can also target on these factors to help reduce the sleep problems that college student encountered.
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