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Title: Female friendly car
Authors: Lam, Anna (林思婷)
Ho, Candy Wai (何慧)
Ngan, Ken Shing Kit (顏成杰)
Xuan, Stella Jiali (宣佳麗)
Yip, Luen Choi Kuen (葉彩娟)
Department: Department of Marketing
Issue Date: 2009
Course: GE2209 Market Developments in China
Programme: BEng (Hons) in Building Engineering (Structural and Geotechnical Engineering) / BBA (Hons) in China Business / BBA (Hons) in Marketing
Instructor: Dr. Zeng Xiaohua
Subjects: Automobiles -- China -- Marketing
Women consumers -- China
Abstract: By taking an over review of the car industry and the environment analysis, we have got notice that the car industry is blooming in China due to the outstanding economic growth and beneficial governmental policy. In the review, particularly, we realized that the female car market is booming up much quicker with great expanding demand as result of the rapid increasing number of female driving licensers and the uprising influencing power of the majority Chinese female in making family purchasing decision in China. However, surprisingly, from data it showed that the corresponding female customized car products are still inadequate in China market nowadays. By taking account of the advantaging factors of highly increasing demand on cars by Chinese female, much less competitors and low market saturation, we are planning to set up a new car company called “Care Plus Auto Mobile Ltd” which mainly targets on female friendly car market. To be successful in the car industry, besides analyzing main competitors‟ products, marketing and positioning strategies, in our business project, we also do a research about the consuming habits and behaviors of Chinese female car consumers in order to match their needs and wants with our product. To differentiate from those famous but expensive foreign car brands, our female friendly car would be positioned as “high quality with good care and affordable price” and targets on single young female groups in China who earn a middle income and couldn‟t afford for the expensive well-known foreign brands‟ cars. Without a doubt, correctly utilizing marketing mix is definitely the key for our company to get success in China. Therefore, besides the product design, we would adopt one-level channel with exclusive distribution strategy, price adjustment strategy like psychological price setting, and special promotion programs, such as recruiting spokesperson and sponsorship event, to further enhance the sales our female friendly car. As we know, to lead a business has an ongoing fluent development, except having short-term running plan, we should also carefully consider about the threats that would appear against our company. Therefore, in our business project, finally, we would provide a forecast about the challenges our company might meet in entering the China car industry.
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