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Title: Development of ActionScript based Flash animation movies
Authors: Pang, Shun Ho
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2003
Supervisor: Prof. Yan Hong. Assessor : Dr. So Hing Cheung
Abstract: The objectives of my project are to design a head of a model and generate some special functions or effects by writing ActionScript of FLASH MX. These functions are generated for the user to use and control, for e.g., changing the color of the model, changing the size of some parts of the head and changing the facial expression etc. In addition, different type of hair and different shape of face have been produced for the user to change such that the user can generate different model. Also, some backgrounds with different weathers have been designed to make the project more attractive and the user can also make control on them. Another function of written ActionScript of FLASH MX is to link different actions or figures together to let them move effectively and do some special effects. Finally, a note, a phone number list, a simple mp3 player and some sounds have been made. In conclusion, there are many regions for the user to control in this project such that to make it more interactive.
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