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Title: A Mobile Game System for Hong Kong Monuments
Authors: Chow, Fo Kan
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2010
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Kwok, Lam For; First Reader: Dr Yuen, Joe Chun Hung; Second Reader: Prof. Deng, Xiao Tie
Abstract: Outdoor game-based learning is one of the learning ways to motivate learning transforming from the traditional in classroom-bound tutorial to mobile learning. To solve the traditional orienteering game fully supporting by person, an all-round Mobile Game System is developed that participants can freely receive information from the informative database and easily retrieve the position based information. Event organizer can easily organize the event information and make changes. It makes information reuse and recall. Internet can provide sharing platform for participants to publish their logs as experiences. This Project aims to develop an orienteering game application introducing Hong Kong monuments by using mobile devices that integrated with GPS and Internet network. Participants can make use of the mobile application to keep track of their location in the game. In addition, the mobile location tracking tool will be developed to provide the current location to the participants. Participant can feel free to use the application to check their current location, Point of Interest (POI) and building information at anytime and anywhere. The visiting log could be uploaded to the web for presentation. In order to achieve this, the project needs to investigate the difficulties and requirements of the project; to investigate outdoor classroom learning and game learning. And analyze and discuss related applications and technologies used such as Global Positioning System; to investigate on related technologies and resources used. And design process in system development is discussed; to design system architecture of mobile game system to organize data according to locations; to implement the essential functions support the mobile application; to test and result from the system; and to evaluate the achievements, limitations and further developments on the system.
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