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Title: Windows Live Messenger Message Manager
Authors: Lau, Hei Ching
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2010
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Poon, Chung Keung; First Reader: Dr. Huang, Scott Chih-hai; Second Reader: Prof. Wang, Lusheng
Abstract: Windows Live Messenger is a popular worldwide communication tool. It is an instant messenger client developed by Microsoft. It is capable to work in Windows platform. Other than its instant messaging feature, Windows Live Messenger provides a lot of additional functions, for example, sharing folders and PC-to-phone calls. The main purpose of this project is to implement a categorization system which, in the other words, can automatically analyze the content of the messages and decide which class the messages belong to. This categorization system can not only automatically classify normal messages into different classes, but also categorize infected messages into a specific class - the spam class. Besides the categorization approach, a hash code matching approach is implemented to achieve the spam detection purpose. The project also discusses the how these two approaches work on spam detection. Also, the project will look into the effects of document length on the categorization results.
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