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Title: Web 2.0 e-blackboard
Authors: Chong, Chi Hung
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2010
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Huang, Scott Chih-hai; First Reader: Dr. Chow, Kai On; Second Reader: Mr. Lee, Chan Hee
Abstract: E-blackboard becomes a popular platform in colleges and universities world-wide. It allows students and teachers to communicate with each other. However, to develop a tailor-made e-blackboard from scratch is very time consuming and buying a packaged system is very expensive. Most of the existing e-blackboards are not so user-friendly and cannot be customized. This final year project is to design a web 2.0 e-blackboard system for secondary schools in Hong Kong. On the one hand, this system aims to provide a high quality, value-added service with real-time response; on the other hand it is low cost and with short developing period. This web 2.0 e-blackboard system has a well-structured and customizable layout that can be altered to individual or personal preference. Interactive and real time response help to minimize time to complete tasks. Users may feel convenient to work with useful gadgets in an integrated system. Rich internet applications enable users learn working with e-blackboard in no time. Mashup of various high quality web service applications allows better data management. It also allows users working in this system to interact with existing web applications, it reduces the time for users to login several systems in order to access different web services.
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