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Title: WebMix - Firefox Extension to concatenate web pages
Authors: Sung, Hing Hang
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2010
Supervisor: Supervisor:Dr. Wang, Jiying; First Reader: Dr. Lee, Victor Chung Sing; Second Reader: Dr. Yu, Yuen Tak
Abstract: Browser is one of the most important software in the development of Internet. From the past, people only use browser to browse simple website with little data. As Internet grows quickly, website is no longer a simple plain-text website. Websites now contain advertisement, image, bulk of JavaScript and they tend to separate the main content to multiple pages. Multiple pages of websites, lots of advertisement, useless hyperlinks makes browsing and printing annoying to users. In order to enhance user’s browsing experience, this project proposes to develop a Firefox extension to facilitate a comfortable and efficient environment for user to web surfing. Using a set of rules and algorithms, the project is able to segment the webpage and locate the main contents from multiple WebPages, which can exclude useless information likes unimportant links, banners and further concatenate main content from different WebPages into one clear and neat Webpage.
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