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Title: An Easy and Quick Self-serving Shopping System
Authors: Chiu, Yuen Yau
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2010
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Chan W.K.; First Reader: Dr. Wong, Tsui Fong; E21Second Reader: Prof. Deng, Xiao Tie
Abstract: Hong Kong is a shopping paradise. This international and cosmopolitan city has diverse, unique and delicate products to satisfy the unlimited wants of customers in Hong Kong and tourists all over the world. Traditionally, people visit shops to buy goods. This shopping method is known as in-store shopping. However, in-store shopping is time-consuming. People may require spending a lot of time to explore and locate products and examine the product details. With the gradual development of the Internet, people opt to buy products over the Internet. This method is called online shopping. This shopping method greatly reduces the time spent to complete the purchase of a product. Nonetheless, many problems are still outstanding to be solved, such as what we buy is not what we want, the lack of staff to resolve enquiries immediately, and indefinite time lag in between the purchase of a product and the delivery of products. Unfortunately, some of these problems cannot be solved easily, so some people continue to use in-store shopping, despite this method could be time-consuming. The aim of this project is to design a new shopping system which can provide an easy, convenient and self-serving shopping process to customers when using the traditional shopping method. It uses the URL histories as the matching criterion and the Two Times Google Query Algorithm to match the desirable products. The 1st Google Query is used to eliminate the invaluable URL histories and the 2nd Google Query is used to eliminate the undesirable products. Therefore, it can provide an accurate recommendation list and accurate locations of the products. Thus, customers can spend less time to shop using the newly designed shopping system.
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