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Title: IPhone 3G FIDS (Flight Information Display System)
Authors: Chan, Sum Sing
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2010
Supervisor: Supervisor: Lai, Donny Chi Fai; First Reader: Dr. Lam, Kam Yiu; Second Reader: Prof. Jia, Xiaohua
Abstract: The visitors go to the Hong Kong airport; they will feel that is very great. Hong Kong Airport is very large and they can enjoy shopping. Before they go to check in, they may have a lot of time to walk around the airport. Sometimes the visitors are transfer to other country but they need to stay in Hong Kong airport a period of time. If they always to check the flight status and find the shops and facilities, I think it is very inconvenient. Although the airport web-based systems are developed, but I think it is not suitable for most of visitor. Base on the visitor use, they only focus on which flight they will take. They only want to know the updated information of this flight. While the flight status change, they cannot know the updated information immediately. Moreover, most of the flight information system systems only give information only, the visitor always need to open the application or connect the internet to check out the status. Therefore, a mobile Flight information display system should be provided serves to remind the visitor with the alarm message and sound. For the visitor, most of them may be the first time visit Hong Kong airport. They cannot found the shop and facilities easily. Now they can find the physical map or view it in the web site, but there are a lot of limitations. If you using the I-Phone to view the digital map in the website, it is not available. The map provided by Hong Kong Airport is not available for most of the mobile phone user. It is because the map is design by the flash technology. Most of mobile device do not support this technology. Therefore, a mobile Flight information display system also should be provided serves to let the visitor easy to view the airport map. By using the proposed mobile flight information display system, the I-Phone user can view the flight information in the device application. The system has provided the function to monitor the selected flight. While the flight status has changed, the system can automatically alert the user. The user can found out that the remaining time of the target flight and add it to the monitor list. The system will start the function while open the application and keep to check with the server. The user can set up the update period. It may be between 5 to 15 minutes. The system will base on the setting to do the data synchronization with server. The user if they want to notice their friends, the system also provided the mail function with the flight information content. There is not only visitor could benefit, if the use are going to the airport to meet somebody or going to pick him up at the airport. They are also could benefit. They also can use the system to manage their time. By using the proposed system, the user can find the shop information in the airport. The system can provide the map location for the user. While the user selects the source and destination, the system will show how to go to the destination. Nowadays the mainland travel companies need to use a lot of manpower to let their customer from terminal one to terminal two, because lot of people do not know that. In terminal two, there are mainland coaches. Using the propose system, they can more easy to go to the terminal two. For the airport staff, they also can have the benefit of using the propose system. The system has provided timer of Hong Kong airport express. The system will detect the current time and show when is the next arrival train. User can set up the timer alert before the train arrival in one to five minutes. There is saturation always happen when the staff quit the office. They always ask remain time of the next train. Always need to remember and do the calculation. Consequently, visitor, staff, Hong Kong airport, mainland coaches company could benefit from the convenience and good quality of service offered to customers.
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