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Title: Real Time Handwritten Shareable Writeboard Chat Room E-Learning System
Authors: Mak, Chi Kin
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2010
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Fong, Joseph Shi Piu; First Reader: Dr. Chan, Antoni Bert; Second Reader: Prof. Wang, Lusheng
Abstract: E-Learning has become a popular tool for improving our education. This project aimed to investigate more different ways to improve e-learning. It studies how realtime web can enhance the e-learning performance. According to Comet theory, server side can push data to client side and it totally fulfills the real-time element in realtime web application. Based on Comet, this project mainly introduces a web based shareable whiteboard. In this whiteboard, different users can edit same picture at the same time and all of the editing actions are real-timely show to other users. With the help of this whiteboard, users can easily communicate in some area such as picture, design, mathematic etc. Moreover, teachers can also use it for an e-whiteboard in classroom. The result is that students can have more chances to interact with teacher in the lesson. Furthermore, this project also shows a new generation chat room - messages are transmitted word by word (not a whole sentence). There are some benefits for this project. Firstly, it can improve the communication between learner and teacher. Secondly, the shareable whiteboard save the pictures transferring time between learner and teacher. Finally, it changes the computer communication to like a real life talk.
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