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Title: Mobile GPS implementation on iPhone
Authors: Cheng, Kin Sing
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2010
Supervisor: Supervisor: As. Prof. Ng, K T; Assessor: As. Prof. Chau, W N
Abstract: The aim of Electronic Engineering Final Year project 2010 is to build a utility iPhone application with GPS and Web 2.0. The main function of this application is to provide user with specific information concerning the instant location and surrounding environment. The ultimate goal is to create a consolidated application with the implementation of innovative ideas and the knowledge of programming languages Objective-C or Cocoa Touch. Apple iPhone equipped with network dependability. With regard to this superiority, the function of this utility application can be amplified and leverage in a greater extent. For instant, the particular information of the map could be stored onto Internet rather than in the device. Therefore, size of this application could be greatly reduced while users can experience the latest map data retrieval. Moreover, the idea of network is expanded to the concept of Web 2.0. By using an agent server, the software can provide all the user location which within the same group. The motivation of this is due to the trend of the rapid development of social networking. Like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. All of these are base on the concept of the Web 2.0. Therefore, this project also tries to implement this kind of concept. The application is designed with user-friendly and simple-to-use oriented program. First, big icons were applied in view to facilitate the finger navigation, which is the main control method of iPhone. Second, the display view is designed into two different types, Map view and Camera view. This can enable user to switch to particular view accordingly.
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