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Title: IPES Online Workflow Management System
Authors: Chan, Wai Chiu
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2010
Supervisor: Supervisor: Mr. Ng, K T; Assessor: Dr. Po, L M
Abstract: The Internship Programme for Exchange Students (IPES) is a training scheme held in summer that offers industrial and research internship outside Hong Kong. Currently, the IPES workflow, from application to Training Position Assignment, is mainly based on offline and paper-pencil bases requiring a lot of manpower to process the student applications and assign students to positions. In order to enhance the efficiency on data processing and assign students to internship positions fairly and accurately, an online based workflow management system is developed for IPES, known as IPES Online Workflow Management System. This system allows student application, company application, job specification submission, training post choice, Training Position Assignment, result announcement and report generation to be done on the Internet. By using the system, Training Position Assignment becomes fair and easy since the system will automatically assign students to relevant positions according to their choices, programmes, academic performances, job vacancies, etc in real-time. Also, the staff will no longer need to enter and validate the application information manually as they are done on the web-based system. The system also helps centralize and manage the application and allocation information securely. In conclusion, this system helps improve the IPES workflow to certain extends.
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