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Title: Group Operations using Mobile Phones
Authors: Mak, Shun Yi Zoe
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2010
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Wong, K W; Assessor: Dr. Fong, Anthony S S
Abstract: ´╗┐Traditional group operations such as attendance taking and voting need intensive labor to repeat the same task, which is time-consuming and troublesome. In a technological world, these kinds of repeating tasks can always be replaced by computer. Moreover, the increasing usage of mobile phones with wireless network access functions enhances the data transmission required by group operations. As a result, group operations can be taken in an effective and efficient way. In this project, a registration system with a voting process will be implemented in a mobile phone. Java ME programming language will be used to build this mobile application. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless network technology will be applied for data transmission. To manipulate the data, a servlet connecting to a SQL server database will be used as the back-end system to handle the registration of users. This project is not limited to election process; further development can be taken to extend the application of it. To handle more sensitive data, more affords should be put into the field of security and privacy. This project is suitable in area those need to handle repeating voting work, for example voting for favorite in a music contest, in which users are staying in the same venue.
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