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Title: Off-line LED Lighting System Design
Authors: Suen, Wing Shan
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2010
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Hui, Ron S Y; Assessor: Prof. Chung, Henry S H
Abstract: LED is becoming more and more popular in 21st century. It is because LED is smaller in size and consumes less power than common light source (florescent light and light bulb), while emitting light of the same brightness. In this project, we will implement an LED lighting system to replace the traditional light sources. With the use of a triac dimmer and a special IC, the lighting system with dimming function can be formed. This system was built by drawing the circuit in EAGLE, PCB layout software, followed by fabricating and soldering the electronic components on the board. After the system was built, it was tested by supplying different voltage to it. The output voltage and current were recorded and compared with the theoretical value. If the data matches, a number of LEDs can be connected to the circuit. This system will be successful if it can drive the LEDs and control their luminance.
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