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Title: Network investigation & analysis in Christ College
Authors: Tse, Lai Pan
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2002
Supervisor: Mr. Ng K T. Assessor: Dr. Yeung Alan K H
Abstract: The rapid growth of the Internet and the growing demand for network-intensive multimedia applications during the last years ha s created new problems for network administrator. Consequently, larger and faster TCP/IP networks are needed to be handled in an efficient way. Tools have to be developed to analyze and measure traffic at high line speeds in order to provide information needed for network configuration and planning, to resolve congestion problems and address any problems. This project gives an overview of web based network management solutions, and applies in a real campus environment, Christ College. Measurement applications and network protocol analyzer are presented and compared, and the information is analyzed. Finally, a Java based network monitor is implemented. This monitor communicates via SNMP that contacts different agents running in the network to poll for values of its internal data, it also probes for the status of different services run by the servers. The tool allows network administrator to obtain network status information in real-time across different platform.
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