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Project No.: 6000134
Title: Courseware Development to Support Business Process Management (BPM) Course lntended Learning Outcomes (CILOs)
Department: Department of Information Systems (IS)
Principal Investigator: Narasipuram, Murali Mohan
Co-investigator: Chin, Kwai-Sang (MEEM)
Kumar, Kuldeep (IS)
Vogel, Doug (IS)
Issue Date: 21-Jan-2011
Commencement Date: 15-Jan-2007
Completion Date: 16-Jun-2009
Abstract: In the last five years, there is a clear shift in the system modeling paradigm from data-orientation to process-orientation whereas the curriculum of systems development courses still continues to be data oriented. Those instructors who have tried to introduce process-orientation in their respective system development courses have found complete lack of support in terms of a well-equipped laboratory, classroom exercises, case studies, etc. In addition, the curriculum has not been revised to reflect the expected outcomes in terms of process-oriented models, their development and implementation strategies, etc. Process-orientation affects not only information systems, but has a much wider implication including physical processes. Engineering process management systems also are being reviewed and redesigned in light of the current wave of process-orientation. Under this proposal, we will develop courseware to support the process-orientation related Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs).
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