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Project No.: 6000135
Title: Creativity in Practice: Teaching and Learning Outside Classroom
Department: School of Creative Media (SCM)
Principal Investigator: Lai, Linda Chiu-han
Co-investigator: Tang, Wesley Siu-hang
Issue Date: 21-Jan-2011
Commencement Date: 15-Jan-2007
Completion Date: 18-Mar-2009
Abstract: Creativity in Practice: Teaching & Learning Outside Classroom' aims to generate opportunities for teaching and learning outside the classroom for students in the Critical Intermedia Laboratory (CIL), one of the four main study areas at SCM's Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media (BACM) program. This project would set up a gateway for students to reach out beyond CityU to collaborate with media professionals, art organizations, art educators and social activists, in order to reflect upon their own education paths, and integrate and apply what they have been learning. The proposed project will generate three sets of events in which students will participate: a. Outreach Educational Programs, b. Internship with a media organization, and c. Participation in Local Art Exhibitions and Community Service Activities. The project will also generate a culture for portfolio-making, the writing of learning and creative narratives, and regular consultation with organizations outside City U. The project will be systematically managed via workshops, tutorship and the creation of a core course to integrate the broad range of activities involved. Requested funds will be mainly spent on liaison with parties listed above, to support students' reaching out, and to invite media professionals, cultural practitioners and educators who can benefit our students - for TWO academic years.
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