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Project No.: 6000142
Title: Building Practice in China - A Study for the Flexible Curriculum for All Building Related Courses
Department: Division of Building Science and Technology (BST)
Principal Investigator: Xue, Charlie Qiuli
Issue Date: 21-Jan-2011
Commencement Date: 1-Jul-2007
Completion Date: 14-Oct-2008
Abstract: After 1997, Hong Kong became an important city of People's Republic of China. Currently, the professionals of Hong Kong building industry are largely involved in the construction development of Chinese mainland, where large scale of new development and urban renewal are taking place everyday. However, the training of students in building-related disciplines does not fully follow this changing trend. The building practice and regulations used in Hong Kong were derived from British practice. Universities, including CityU, prepare students for the building practice locally, very few touching the practice of our motherland – the largest construction site of the world. The building industry in Hong Kong and employers have strong demands on strengthening the education on building practice of China. The Division of Building Science and Technology, CityU, opened the relevant courses early in 1996. After the curriculum change from three-year higher diploma to the two-year associate degree, the content of China practice should be delivered in a more flexible and effective way. This study aims to update the curriculum of building practice in China, and facilitate students with knowledge of this topic. Around 2,000 students at BST and BC will be benefited in the first instance. The study can also inform the other institutions with similar disciplines.
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