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Title: Watermarking for copyright protection
Authors: Tam, Ying
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2002
Supervisor: Dr. Tang K S. Assessor: Prof. Chow Tommy W S
Abstract: In the past decade there has been an explosion in the use and distribution of digital multimedia data. PCs with Internet connections have made the distribution of multimedia data and applications much easier and faster. At the same time, the effective systems for the copyright protection of multimedia works are unavailable. A digital image can, in fact, be easily reproduced obtaining as many identical copies of it as we want, without any possibility to prevent it. To deal with the problem, digital watermarking has been proposed as a way to claim the ownership of the source and owner by embedding an identity into the digital image. In this project, the embedding of a watermark with transformed domain techniques and spatial domain technique as well as the watermark robustness test performed on JPEG compression image are introduced. Results are also presented showing the performance comparison of the proposed algorithms. Furthermore, visual C++ 6.0 has been used to implement this project.
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