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Title: Investigation of magnetic field radiation of high-rise building in Hong Kong
Authors: Chow, Ada
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Leung, Peter S W. Assessor : Prof. Chan, Y C
Abstract: Nowadays, there are many commercial high-rise buildings being built and developed around the world. For example in Hong Kong, The Two International Finance Centre (IFC) is the highest building, and it is the sixth highest building in the world. In general, if the building is higher, the level of current that is required to supply for the power consumption of the whole building will be higher. As a result, the level of induced magnetic field due to the current in the current carrying conductor will become higher, and the magnetic field being generated could exceed the limits on both human safety and EMC specifications. In this project, the current situation of magnetic field radiation issue of high-rise building in Hong Kong are studied. A review of an on-site measurement of magnetic field inside a high-rise building in Hong Kong will be carried out, and an analytical study of the magnetic field inside a high-rise building with various parameters such as current magnitude of power cable and configurations of power cables will be studied. Based on the results, recommendation is then summarized for the current situation of the high-rise building in Hong Kong.
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