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Title: Investigation of millimeter-wave EBG (Electronic-Band-Gap) structures on Fin-line
Authors: Chan, Chi Ho
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Xue, Quan. Assessor: Prof. Tsang, K F
Abstract: Fin line is a well proven transmission medium for millimeter-wave integrated circuit components. It is very useful for the frequency range from 30 to 100 GHz. The attractiveness of its at lower millimeter-wave frequencies, that is Ka band (from 26.5GHz to 40Ghz), is mainly due to a combination of advantageous features – its relatively wide single-mode bandwidth, low-loss characteristics, compatibility with beam-lead devices, and ease of fabrication. EBG (Electromagnetic Band Gap) structures are finding more and more applications in microwave circuits. Nearly all the EBGs are in the strip-like transmission media, such as micro-strip line, co-planar waveguide, etc. Fin line is a very important none-strip-like transmission media for microwave circuit, especially at millimeter-wave. Fin-line EBG structures in millimeter-wave are expected to be investigated in this project. When Fin line incorporate with the EBG structure, it have a band-stop characteristic and slow-wave effect, which can reject those unwanted frequencies and reduce the dimension of the transmission medium.
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