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Title: An AC mains voltage regulator against phase voltage instability
Authors: Chow, Lambert Ho Yin
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Prof. Hui, Ron S Y. Assessor: Dr. Chung, Henry S H
Abstract: The main purpose of my project is designed an AC Voltage Regulator. It controlled the Main AC Input Voltage to a specific preset Output Voltage within a small tolerance. Traditional AC voltage regulator used Triac for switching function but it produced the harmonic current. In order to reduce this current, my project is used gate-driver circuit for switching function. It drives 4 high frequency voltage signals for switching function. An Analogy PI control regulated the specific present output voltage. The output of PI control is controlled duty cycle of PWM. Then, it controlled 2 pairs of gate-driver circuit switch ON/OFF time for regulating a specific preset Output Voltage.
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