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Title: Capacity investigation of TCP over 3G mobile networks
Authors: Choy, Sun Tim
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Ko, K T. Assessor: Dr. Chan, Sammy C H
Abstract: 3G networks are getting popular and important in our daily life. Data Transfer Service is one of the major services of the 3G. Although the 3G networks are new, if we take a look at the traffic distribution of the Internet, TCP is the dominant protocol. Therefore, it is logical to assume that some applications on 3G networks will use TCP. In this project, we compare the performance of TCP Reno with Mobile End TCP under the 3G UMTS architecture. JAVA is used to investigate the performance of these 2 TCP protocols under 3G networks. In comparing the performance of 2 TCP protocols, we mainly focus on TCP’s goodput in different situation likes different user data rate, link latency and error rate. Finally give possible suggestion on TCP over 3G mobile networks.
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