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Title: Surveillance system using 3G mobile phone
Authors: Chan, Yat Sun
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Leung, S H. Assessor: Dr. Tsang, K F
Abstract: The technology boom of computer, network and wireless network for the last 10 years not only increases the power and efficiency of digital communication, but it also makes a price drop on distant communication. As a result, different real-time streaming standard or protocols have developed, and this makes real-time multimedia streaming technology becomes possible, which in turn lead to the realization of system or technology using realtime video streaming becomes possible too. The surveillance system is such a system using the real-time streaming technology. It is quite a hot topic in the market and different remote monitoring system is being developed; nevertheless, most of such kind of system is developed for LAN or Internet use only, i.e. for fixed network use only. The development of 3G mobile network not only makes video conferencing between 3G mobile phones becomes possible, but it makes multimedia streaming between host in a fixed network and a 3G mobile phone client becomes possible too. It is foreseeable that such kind of remote monitoring system using 3G mobile phone will give people benefit as well as convenience. In this project, a surveillance system called 3Spy using 3G mobile phone is developed. Programs are written on both the server in the LAN as well as the 3G mobile phone client so as to let the 3G mobile user has the ability to monitor the web cam installed in distance place.
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