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Title: Analysis of hemispherical antenna
Authors: Zhang, Lu
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2011
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Leung, K W; Assessor: Prof. Luk, Lwai-man
Abstract: The conformal strip excitation of dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) received much attention and was analyzed several years ago. However, only the current component along the strip was modeled and solved, which limited its application to strip excited DRA only. In this report, a new method was proposed that considers both the current along and perpendicular to the strip. Moreover, the method also takes into account the case that multiple strips lining in parallel. Therefore, the new method can be applied to DRAs of patches with various shapes. Method of Moment is employed in formulating the problem. The Green's Function is obtained, and the matrixes are found by following Galerkin's procedure. Numerical methods such as recurrence formulas are used in order to run the program efficiently. Both HFSS simulation and experiment are carried out and the theoretical results are therefore verified. In addition, an experiment technique applying PCB method to increase the accuracy of the length and width of the conducting strips and patches is proposed.
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