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Title: Design of RFMEMS switches for reconfigurable antenna
Authors: Zhang, Ce
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2011
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Lee, Joshua E Y ; Assessor: Dr. Lau, Ricky W H
Abstract: ´╗┐MicroElectroMechanical System (MEMS) is a newly-emerged technology which integrates mechanical components using nano/micro-fabrication process. RF MEMS switch is a promising component, for its better performance in microwave applications than other commonly used switches. In modern communication systems, miniaturization, multi-wideband and low power consumption are three major research directions in current research field of microwave devices. Therefore, reconfigurable applications with RF MEMS switches are one solution to accomplish these goals. Whereas, challenges of designing MEMS switches resides on its difficulty of designing feasible structures based on fabrication process ,coupled field analysis of MEMS and proper geometric shape. To resolve these problems, based on PolyMumps foundry fabrication process, mechanical models and electromagnetic models of different MEMS structures are studied analytically and simulated numerically. The whole design with MEMS switch and antenna is analysed and verified to prove its integral performance by simulation and experiment. In this project, three classical structures with improved structures have been designed: series inline cantilever, series cantilever and series fixed-fixed beam. Furthermore, a reconfigurable antenna controlled by MEMS switches has been proposed and verified and this design has both polarization and frequency reconfigurability with advantages of low loss and compact size.
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