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Title: Study of Eco-system design - Application of green electronic product - Life Cycle Assessment of LED Lamp
Authors: Fung, Sin Ying
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2011
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Chan, Y C; Assessor: Prof. Yung, Edward K N
Abstract: fIn recent years, environmental friendliness is a global pressing issue which is found to have profound effect on the environmental sustainability. As people's "green-concerns" are highly aroused, more consumers are willing to pay more for the less environmentally-polluted products in order to save our Earth. However, do all green-labeled products really have small negative impacts to our environment? A doubt is left here. It is common that people simply link "low energy consumption" to "green", yet, is it really a rational judgment granting a full picture of the fact? For the sake of eco-design exploration and improvement, a life cycle assessment of a LED lamp (see Figure.1), a well-known green-labeled electronic product in the consumer market, is conducted by three software platforms, SimaPro, Eco-it and Eco-design Pilot, following with result analysis in my final year project.
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