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Title: Wikigame - Investigation of a game project design that everyone can participate
Authors: Chiu, Tsz Hong
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2011
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Yuen, Kelvin S Y; Assessor: Dr. Lau, Ricky W H
Abstract: Nowadays, there are many games on the market and on many platforms. Some games allow for players to edit the data in the game, or create a character. This has become a trend. The focus of this project, WikiGame, aims to create a new game. And that new game is modifiable and expandable. An original game design, WikiGame Designer, is developed. It allows user to create and modify the game by simple input. It helps people to create the game with different style, i.e. different missions, different texture, and even different background music. An easy to use interface using OpenGL is also developed which allows the user to create objects interactively. Some famous games are created from simple input to our Game Designer. This includes "driving car", "maze" and even "Alleyway". The project creates and demonstrates a new view about game programming. It allows people who are not familiar with programming to create a game.
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