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Title: Database for dental clinic application
Authors: Lau, Chun Kit
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2011
Supervisor: Supervisor: Mr. Chau, W N; Assessor: Mr. Ng, K T
Abstract: To computerize the routine works of a dental clinic and increase the convenience for dentists and patients, a tailor-made database of dental application has been designed since last year. In order to further improve the services rendered by the clinic and to help users to keep track of the clinical records on the internet in a safety way, the below innovative capabilities will add into the existing system and they are the main features of this final year project. 1. A new function that is exclusively used by nurses. 2. A lot of security functions to increase the safety of data and password. 3. A great improvement on the user interface. 4. A lot of new functions to facilitate the business operation. To develop these new functions or features, several software such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, and WAMP software are used. In this final year project report, it will (1) describes the ways of building the dental application database and all the features or functions that are developed for the web-based Dental Clinic application, (2) uses tables to explain the data requirements and uses diagrams and images to illustrate what the system can provide for the users based on the users’ needs, and (3) explains the newly designed security functions for securing all the information of users.
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