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Title: Future Electric Vehicle
Authors: Poon, Hung Piu
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2011
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Li, Robin C W; Assessor: Dr. Yeung, L F
Abstract: The contemporary design of vehicles does not consider the centripetal force when making a turn. Many large vehicles are easy to turn over if they are at high speed making a sharp turn and, to a lesser degree, passengers' comfort is affected. The green vehicle trend is toward electric vehicles, but the energy storage in batteries cannot fulfill road-users' need and the cycle life of the rechargeable lithium battery will be shortened due to the increased Depth of Discharge. In this project, a mini version of a new design electric car was built for demonstration. For the sake of safety, stability and comfort of driving, a adjustable platform on the car controlled by MCU can balance the centripetal force while making a turn. It can also transform to adapt itself to different types of road. Further, in order to solve the short life problem of battery, it is able to be charged up via wireless power transfer by coupled magnetic resonances. The battery problem can be solved.
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