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Title: A compact arbitrary 1xN optical power divider
Authors: Wong, Chi Hong
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Chan, Andy H P. Assessor: Prof. Chiang, K S
Abstract: In this project, I proposed a compact single-mode low-loss arbitrary 1xN optical power divider structure. The design offers three advantages in compared with other traditional designs. First, it is more compact in size with an arbitrary number of output ports. Second, the power distribution among each output port can be easily controlled. Third, the design only required two kinds of materials index, as most of the similar designs required more than two kinds of materials index. Hence, the involved fabrication process of my structure is much simpler than other reported designs such as using micro-prism and micro-lens techniques. The performance of my proposed design is studied numerically using beam propagation method. The results show that the transmission loss is only 0.06dB for a 1x4 optical equal power divider. A mask is fabrication based on the design, and some devices using polymer materials are under fabrication in the due course. Preliminary experimental results will be discussed if available at the time of presentation.
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