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Title: Real-time Video-based Chat Room E-Learning System for Secondary Schools
Authors: Au, Wai In
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2011
Supervisor: Supervisor:Dr. Fong, Joseph Shi Piu Joseph; First Reader: Dr. Ng, Sam Tsz Hin; Second Reader: Prof. Kwong, Sam Tak Wu
Abstract: Nowadays, Information Technology becomes an essential element among the world. Adolescents become more familiar with the internet world. They use networks tools like MSN, weblogs and social platforms and discussion forums like Facebook, Twitters and Uwants to meet friends, getting latest information and communicate with others around the world. They also use searching engine like Google and Yahoo! for searching information they need. For leisure, they use the web to play some online games. However, since adolescents spend more and more times using Information Technology, they become shy and quiet at school life and family life. They dare not to ask questions even they are not familiar with some concepts in their courses. As a result, adolescents have no aspiration in learning. My project "Real time video-based Chat Room E-Learning System for Secondary Schools" aims at providing an alternative tool for secondary students to ask questions and get more knowledge related to their courses taught in schools. The main feature of the project is providing a real time video-based chat room. In the chat room, secondary school teachers will available in the chat room at a certain period of time for secondary students to ask questions related to their courses. Students can also share their idea about the courses in the chat room. The chat room is not one-to-one chat room, that is, many students can go into the chat room at the same time to communicate with their teachers via their webcam and message board in the chat room. Beside the chat room, some tools like teacher online schedules, News, etc. would also be provided in my project.
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