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Title: Adaptive Smartphone Video Streaming Scheme
Authors: Wong, Lok Heung
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2011
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Yuen, Joe Chun Hung; First Reader: Dr. Chan, Antoni Bert; Second Reader: Prof. Jia, Wei Jia
Abstract: Smart phone becomes as a main multi-media platform in recent year. Android is the main operating system for people watching streaming video such as YouTube. However, the users using mobile platform to play streaming video such as Android OS always encounter the insufficient prefetch buffer problem. That is because the streaming video is always interrupted by the limited bandwidth and fluctuated 3G network. Therefore, Quality of service (QoS) in mobile platform will be a main concern in this project. In this project, we design and implement new streaming schemes for the mobile device (Android OS) to improve the QoS of streaming video. It called that adaptive (real-time) QoS design. In several months, a streaming server and a client side media player can be developed. The streaming server can support RTSP protocol streaming. In the multi-media transmission, the RTP streaming channel and QoS feedback RTCP channel between server and client can be develop. Also, It can open the 3GPP video format for streaming. In client media player side, it can support RTSP streaming request, RTP streaming and RTCP QoS report feedback. The streaming video data can be displayed in the mobile device. Finally, the adaptive smartphone video streaming scheme will be implemented according to the mobile device 3G network. Through this scheme, user can watch streaming video more smoothly and the data transmission can be decrease so that enhance QoS in mobile. It is because the scheme can change frame rate and frame resolution in real time.
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