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Title: OMEGA -- Corporation Planning Department of Shine Sun Group’s knowledge management application
Authors: Yang, Yuan (楊源)
Ma, Long (馬龍)
Wang, Hui (王卉)
Jin, Xin (金鑫)
Wei, Rong
Hou, Shuai (侯帥)
Department: Department of Information Systems
Issue Date: 2011
Course: IS6921 Knowledge Management
Programme: Master of Science in Business Information Systems - Stream A
Instructor: Dr. Fang, Yulin
Subjects: Knowledge management.
Business planning.
Citation: Yang, Y., Ma, L., Wang, H., Jin, X., Wei, R., & Hou, S. (2011). OMEGA ‐ ‐ Corporation Planning Department of Shine Sun Group’s knowledge management application (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS)). Retrieved from City University of Hong Kong, CityU Institutional Repository.
Abstract: Corporation Planning Department (CP Department for short) in Cheng Du Digital Plaza is taking responsibility of developing business, creating sales opportunities and making win-win situation for sellers and consumers. However, CP department faces a lot of problems in its knowledge management. The work efficiency is very low and employees complain lot about the repeatedly work. They want to introduce some technology to improve their knowledge management, thus to improve the communication between employees, merchants and customers. This report will first analysis the current KM process and then gives some proposals and suggestions for the CP department. To be more specific, we will use some KM tools to identify the main business process, find the desired KM process for the company and analysis the current KM technology and infrastructure of CP department to figure out department/process to be improved then we focus on using the identified criteria to analysis and evaluate the KM tools that will be helpful to the company. We will integrate all the KM tools together to propose a central system for the company. Finally, we will give some brief suggestion of implementation plan and expected outcomes. CP department faces a lot of problems in socialization and it lacks lots of IT tools to help him to solve problems. After identifying five criteria, we Propose Non-IT KM tools like reward & punishment to help CP department to improve employee‘s motivation and IT-based KM tools like Expert system to improve working efficiency. The total investment of our proposal will be estimated at about 200 thousand, and we specify the different steps for different systems to be implemented. Although there are a lot of uncertainties in implantation process, we still believe the working efficiency and effectiveness will be greatly improved once the company adopts our proposal.
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