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Title: Multimedia English-Chinese dictionary
Authors: Wong, Sau Man
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Po, L M. Assessor: Mr. Ng, K T
Abstract: This project aims to develop an open source multimedia English-Chinese dictionary which provides a unique industry-leading, state-of-art, multifunctional and user-friendly English-Chinese Dictionary with English Text-To-Speech System. This application is able to read, understand, and convert any text into the most natural sounding voice with synthetic speech. In addition, this software can also read any text you see on your screen, which can be from your Browser, Email, Word processor, Spreadsheet or any program displaying text. This software is designed to be a user-friendly dictionary containing most of the functions of a common electronic dictionary. With the speech synthesis technology, it can also be used as an essay reading tools. It can pronounce English accurately in any essays that can be saved in computing devices. In addition, a self-learning vocabulary games are also developed to exhilarate the learning atmosphere. Moreover, it also provides spell checker function to make the dictionary more powerful. The searching algorithm for this dictionary is using Ternary Search Tree (TST) which provides a fast and flexible approach to dictionary’s database.
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